Tuesday, April 20, 2010

League of Women Voters - Lake County, 2010

Angelo Kyle, Democratic Candidate for St. Rep., 60th Dist.

Eddie Washington, Democratic Candidate for St. Rep., 60th Dist.

John Krempotic, Democratic Candidate for Lake County Sheriff

Doug Roberts, Democratic Candidate for Lake County Sheriff

In January 2010, the League of Women Voters of Lake County hosted three successful candidate forums covering 6 races at 3 levels of government (federal, state and county) with a variety of co-sponsoring organizations. The locations also were varied: Grayslake, North Chicago, and Vernon Hills. Our adaptability keeps our League members busy!


On Sunday, January. 10, 2010 the League of Women Voters of Lake County, the Daily Herald, and Grayslake Community High School District 127 hosted a forum for candidates running for the 8th Congressional District and for the 62nd State Representative. All 6 Republican candidates, Dirk Beveridge, John Dawson, Christopher Geissler, Maria Rodriguez, Gregory Jacobs, and Joe Walsh, participated. Democratic write-in candidate Jonathan Farnick was expected to attend, but he had car trouble. Melissa Bean, the Democratic incumbent, declined participating in any forums this period as she was uncontested on the ballot.

For the 62nd State Representative race, both Republican candidates, Sandy Cole, incumbent, and Paul Mitchell, attended. The Democratic candidate Rich Voltair was unopposed in the primary and was not invited.

In November, Diane S. had invited the Grayslake School District to co-sponsor the event. The Social Study teachers and High School administrators were excited about this learning experience for their Advanced Placement Government and Honors students. Four students acted as co-moderators with Joan Kaltsas. Many students volunteered to make this a very successful forum. The auditorium was filled with students, parents, teachers, and residents.


On Sunday Jan. 24, the third forum was held at the Greenbelt Cultural Center in North Chicago. The races were for the 60th State Representative and Lake County Sheriff. The League had worked previously with the NAACP and Waukegan Leadership Council and asked both organizations to co-sponsor this forum. Judy H., (LWV-EV) not only moderated the forum, and but also made brief presentations about the Census Complete Count and the Fair Map Amendment petition to the full auditorium.

Democratic 60th State Rep. candidates Eddie Washington (incumbent) and Angelo Kyle attended. There were no Republicans on the ballot. John Krempotic and Douglas Roberts, candidates for Lake County Sheriff, attended. The winner in the primary will run against Mark Curran, Republican incumbent, in the general election in November.

As the State League had clarified its position regarding the Fair Map redistricting petitions, LWV-LC volunteers were able to gather signatures at the forum.

We are looking forward to the fall!