Tuesday, October 25, 2016

League Helps Round Lake High School Students Experience a “Real-World” Election Process

With the election just two weeks away, classes began today at Round Lake High School with juniors and seniors gearing up to cast their vote in a mock election, organized by the League of Women Voters. Students in Government, U.S. History and Economics lined the hallways waiting for their ballot in what appeared to be a true polling place. As part of the curriculum, students have learned about the voting process and all the rules that go along with it. Students stood in line, some holding posters supporting their preferred presidential
candidate, but knew that there would be no electioneering once they passed the blue line.

At one point, you could hear a group of students chanting their candidate’s name!
This experience was made possible through the coordination of League of Women Voters members, Judy Armstrong and Jeanne Kearby along with Round Lake High School representatives Christina Cacciatore, Sarah Fontana and Doug Barnshaw. Armstrong and Kearby played a part in the overall experience today by checking voters in and distributing ballots. “Voting is a fundamental of the American experience and the League of Women Voters has promoted educated voting since its formation in 1908. Educating our youth by providing such a “real” voting experience is essential to their growth,” said Armstrong.
Kearby commented, “Round Lake High School did a great job organizing this event and have really made the layout look like a true polling place. I applaud the staff for doing such an amazing job in making this experience available to students at Round Lake.”
If you would like to learn more about the program, please contact Heather Bennett, Public Relations Officer, at hbennett@rlas-116.org or 847-270-9007.